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Skin Treatment

Skin of our body can be considered as important as any other vital organ in the human system. The skin and muscles provide an important shelter to the inner organs which are delicate and need to be protected. Apart from its utility in the body system, skin contributes to a large extent to the outer appearance and the beauty of an individual.

Acne Treatment

We have established ourselves as a leading organization engaged in providing world-class Acne Treatment to the clients. It is effective in order to reduce the oil production from the skin, speed us skin turnover, reduce the inflammation and effectively fight different bacterial infections. To ensure reliability of our treatment, we provide it under the surveillance of our diligent professionals.

Wrinkle Treatment

After years of extensive research, we have been able to find and formulate effective solutions for wrinkles. Wrinkles and skin ageing is a natural phenomenon, but can be treated with a healthy lifestyle and effective applications.

Skin Tightning

We have the best offered skin tightening treatments for our trusted clients. With effective tightening we make sure that and elegant looks are given to the treated. Our effective treatments are offered as per the medical counsel and standards.

Dark Circle Treatment

If u want to get rid of under eyes dark circle, hyper pigmentation,eye bags,sagging of skin an under eye puffiness then you are at the right place. We offers a lots of treatments which helps to make your eyes more beautiful.

Laser Hair Removal

We offer a variety of services to the clients and have managed to carve a niche in the market for our excellent quality of reliable services. We offer to the customers Laser Hair Removal which helps in the permanent removal of the body hair using the laser. These services are available to the clients at very reasonable rates.

Fractional CO2 Laser For Acne Scaring and Anti-Aging

Offers effective fractional co2 laser for acne scaring and anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells. fractional co2 laser for acne scaring and anti-aging therapy helps to improve overall physical condition of the patients resulting in less tiredness, improvement of gait and posture and work capacity. Mental capacities improve, leading to acceleration of decision making and restoration of the short-term memory and emotional balance is achieved.

Chemical Peelings

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our customers, we offer an extensive range of Chemical Peelings Treatment. This Chemicals filling Skin Treatment is highly recommended amongst the customers for their effectiveness.


Microdermabrasion is one of the superficial resurfacing technique in which the skin surface is minutely abraded. It is a very simple procedure with no side effects and basically done for superficial scars like acne, chicken pox, traumatic, open pores, hyperpigmentation etc.

Meso Theropy

Meso therapy is a popular French technique of delivery of different vitamins, nutrients, growth factors and medicines in various combinations in different layers of the skin. Meso therapy Treatment, we will target to decreasing your all trouble spots from your body like fatty tissue, excess fat, physique shaping, It will done by giving several injections, which contains various nutritional vitamins.

Photo rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation or "nonablative resurfacing" has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures being performed. The NannoLightTM System is one of the most common and versatile tools being used. A number of beneficial changes on and below the skin surface can result from treatments using non-coherent polychromatic light. These changes are able to improve the majority of skin problems typically resulting from photo damage. Photo rejuvenation treatments are typically given in a series to improve a number of irregularities.

Laser for warts

We provide Laser treatment for warts. Laser warts removal involves targeting the wart with a laser; the laser passes through the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis and targets the tiny blood vessels that feed the wart near the dermis, the middle layer of skin. Laser warts removal kills the blood vessels feeding the wart, effectively starving it until it dries up and falls off. The laser kills only the wart infected area and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed and undamaged.

Moles & Pigmentation

We provide Moles & pigmentation treatment service. Moles & pigmentation are often a brownish colour, although some may be darker or skin-coloured. They can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some have hair growing from them. Moles are usually circular or oval with a smooth edge. Moles can change in number and appearance. Some fade away over time, often without you realising. They also sometimes respond to hormonal changes.